Lithuanian Group Analytic Society (LGAS)
LGAS was founded in 1999 and now has 60 members (5 are honorary members – Scandinavian and Lithuanian teachers, who have brought group analysis to Lithuania).
LGAS is a full member of Egatin and EFPP.
Group analysis training program
GA training program started even earlier – back in 1995. Since then the program underwent many changes, but all those years functioned without interruption and is a qualifying member of Egatin. We
don’t have a training institute as a separate organization, but our program has become university life-long learning program: LGAS organizes the program together with Vilnius University‘s Department of Medicine, and our graduates get university certificate. Training is conducted in blocks (5 per year). Currently we run 3 training programs:
  • psychodynamic group psychotherapy (4 years),
  • group analysis (2 years),
  • working with groups in organizations (3 years).
All the trainees are together in the large group, are mixed in the small groups, but have separate
supervision groups and different theory seminars for each program.
Conferences and seminars are another part of LGAS activities. Each year we organize 3-days summer conference for LGAS members, students, colleagues from other psychoanalytically oriented societies
and all interested professionals. Certain rhythm of these conferences has developed: two years there are Lithuanian conferences, and every third year – international. Format of our conferences is also quite
stable over the years: plenary lectures, small discussion groups, large group each day; film and discussion first evening; cultural program last day – visiting same interesting places near the conference venue.
Film club
It is a very pleasant part of LGAS activities. Once a month somebody of the members in turn prepares a short presentation about a chosen film, then we watch this film together and afterwards we have a
discussion. This Film club of LGAS is in Kaunas, second largest city of Lithuania; while our training program is in Vilnius, the capital, and our summer conferences are held in different places all over the country.
Board of LGAS for 2020-2022:
Jūratė Daškevičienė – president, delegate in EFPP,
Diana Nefienė – president-elect, delegate in EFPP, treasurer
Rūta Klimašauskienė – responsible for public relations,
Brigita Gulbinaitė – secretary,
Ieva Merkevičienė – responsible for webpage and contacts with Vilnius university,
Lina Žukienė – delegate in umbrella organization for Lithuanian psychotherapeutic societies,
Eglė Paužienė – delegate in Training committee.